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Luis (that's me) was born in Caracas, Venezuela

There, he graduated from the Universidad Simón Bolívas as an Electronic 

Engineer, after which he went on to pursue a diploma in Film Composition and Electronic Production and Design at Berklee College of Music. From there, he graduated with honors and moved to New York (classic) to work on his project, New Caracas, as well as many other endeavors that have found him collaborating with many different amazing artists across many different genres. In 2016, his music was nominated to various awards, including the Independent Music Awards, the Venezuela Pepsi Music Awards, and the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. In 2018, he released his band's second album, NOS, which was featured in publications like Billboard (amazing, right?!) and World Music Report. Later that year he scored the original play Eight Tales of Pedro, for which he won the New York Innovative Theater Award to best score (basically, it's like the Off-Off-Broadway Tony's). He is currently the guitarist/bassist for renowned Puerto Rican singer songwriter Ani Cordero, as well as an active musical director, composer, and the co-writer for the upcoming original musical, Back Home.

Luis is also an avid runner and regularly performs improv at the Magnet Theater, where he also has formed part of the Musical Improv band. 

Stay tuned, as new material from New Caracas, his original project devoted to musical storytelling inspired in Venezuela and South America, is to release new material in 2020! 

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